Cancer Pathology

Tumor is a get-together of diseases incorporating surprising cell advancement with the likelihood to spread to various pieces of the body .It can be either kindhearted or threatening malignant growth that has no physiological capacity and emerges from uncontrolled generally fast cell proliferation.The pathology identified with tumors is known as malignant growth pathology. It is the undertaking of the careful pathologist to give an exact, explicit, and adequately exhaustive analysis to empower the clinician to build up an ideal arrangement of treatment and, to the degree conceivable, gauge forecast of disease through obsessive report.

Sub tracks:

• Screening and Diagnosis • Grading and Staging of cancer •  Pathophysiology • Epigenomics and Cancer Risk Factors • Cell Biology and Tumor Biology • Stem Cells and Cancer of Cancer • Tumor Immunology • Molecular pathology • Imaging and Radio oncology • Role of pathology in cancer diagnostics